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Welcome to SafetyNet IT

We are glad you found us. SafetyNet IT is a company built from the ground up to be your full service provider.

The things that distinguish SafetyNet IT from the competition is a combination of highly skilled “Certified” Technicians and the tools provided to them. At the core of our technology we have put in place servers that monitor every aspect of our clients sites. This enables us to quickly locate and react to potential problems before they are noticeable to our clients.


Our goal is 100% uptime.


Help for your growth rather than reacting to it.


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    Our Solutions

    Active Directory

    Active Directory controls all authentication and policies on a Microsoft domain. We manage all aspects of your domain and can even automate process in order to make your domain run smooth.


    Our helpdesk team are always ready to take care of any questions, concerns, issues that may arise on your network.


    We support, monitor, manage, and patch all of the desktops under our support.


    Mobile devices are now a part of most businesses. We know this and have systems in place to remotely manage these devices as well.


    Everything your business can access goes through your network. That makes it the backbone of your office. We will monitor and manage your internal network so you don’t have to worry about it. We will also work directly with your Internet provider in the event of an service outage to make sure service is restored as quickly as possible.


    We support, monitor, manage, and patch all of the servers under our support. We also review your server setup to find ways to improve the configuration. If are having issues with your setup give us a call we would be happy to review your setup for free.


    All businesses rely on software and hosted applications in order to run their business and manage their customers. We take the time to document the applications you use so we can assist when needed. We will also work with any application provider you have a support contract with so you do not have to waste valuable time on the phone trying to get assistance.

    IT Security

    Security is all everyone is talking about these days. Just look at the news and you will see data breaches happening all the time. More often then not this is due to outdated hardware and software. We automate patching your computers and servers to help protect your network from software vulnerabilities. In addition we provide anti-virus software to protect against the remaining threats.


    We track all requests so that we can show you the support history. In addition to ticket reports we also can provide asset inventory, patch, and Anti-virus reports to show you that your network is being fully managed.


    Cloud hosting is becoming more and more desirable. Cloud hosting allows for better redundancy, availability, security of your applications. If you need hosting of your applications we can host it locally in our data center, or with our third party partner network. Let us review your needs.

    Our Services


    Standard Services

    • Proactive System Support
    • Unlimited Remote Support
    • Complete Network Monitoring
    • Automated Remediation
    • Antivirus Management
    • Virus Cleanup
    • Asset Tracking
    • Fixed monthy support billing
    • Scheduled Technology Review

    Hosting Services

    • Server hosting offsite
    • Virtual servers hosting
    • Hosted Trend Anti-Virus
    • Offsite Server Replication
    • Terminal Server hosting
    • Email Hosting
    • Website Hosting
    • Offsite Backups

    Optional Services

    • Onsite Support
    • Spam Filtering
    • Colocation Services
    • Structured Cabling
    • Project Planing
    • After Hours Support
    • Office365
    • Google Apps


    Our Process

    Process Every business has a secret ingredient that makes their business unique. You specialize in your core business, not in managing your IT network. Our special ingredient is our processes. Let us put our processes to work in your business.


      Our Strategy

      Every IT company has the right intentions. The goal is to provide their customer with the best service so they remain happy and stay a client. Where things fall apart is the lack of monitoring to know when the systems are not healthy. Then the company goes into what is called “reactive mode” in order to get their client back to a functional state. That outage could have been avoided with the proper tools.